Future Laboratories

Future Laboratories is an R&D service for society.

Committed to working hand-in-hand with governments on all levels to better serve the public, Future Laboratories surfaces the voices of communities most in need – and then translates those needs into radically better systems, policies, and partnerships.

The United States was founded as a “laboratory of democracy.” Yet nearly 250 years in, there exists no comprehensive national innovation service for engaging in the research, design, and implementation necessary for our government to succeed its mission of enabling all people to be able to pursue happiness, especially the historically marginalized. In that sense, Future Laboratories ultimate commitment is to make the dream of this country – still just a possibility – a reality for all.

To help realize this, Future Laboratories engages in a rigorous process to help redesign systems as community needs evolve and as new technologies, scientific breakthroughs, and better approaches emerge. Our work is centered on a bedrock of values: multi-stakeholder engagement, civic imagination, seeing communities as customers, solutions orientation, and end-to-end accountability. It’s not enough for us to collaboratively design a solution; we work to make it reality – no matter the challenges.

A non-partisan organization, Future Laboratories stands for the simple idea that even our best public leaders could use a partner along the way in fulfilling their most audacious goals.