Featured Episodes

Textiles as Tech, Science, Math, Culture, or Civilization

Virginia Postrel and Sonal Chokshi

AI, WebRTC, Crypto, and Full Stack Startups

Elad Gil, Sep Kamvar, and Chris Dixon

Feedback Loops — Company Culture, Change, and DevOps

Nicole Forsgren, Jez Humble, and Sonal Chokshi

Latest Episodes

Financial Freedom, Company Building, More with David Marcus

Sonal Chokshi, and David Marcus

When Business is Battle: Inside the Boardrooms of the CEOs that Survived the Storm

Steph Smith, Ben Horowitz, Ariel Cohen, Todd McKinnon, and David Ulevitch

The Worlds She Sees with Godmother of AI, Fei-Fei Li

Steph Smith, Fei Fei Li, and Vijay Pande

From Sims to Sapiens: Crafting Reality with Code

Steph Smith, Martin Casado, and Joon Park

Fintech Fuels Global Payments

Joe Schmidt, Gabriel Vasquez, and Angela Strange

The Techno-Optimist Manifesto with Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz

Ben Horowitz, and Marc Andreessen

A New Era of VR: From the Court to the Classroom

Steph Smith, Paul Katsen, and Anurupa Ganguly

When Will AI Hit the Enterprise? Ben Horowitz and Ali Ghodsi Discuss

Steph Smith, Ben Horowitz, and Ali Ghodsi

When AI and Genomics Collide

Steph Smith, Vijay Pande, and Daphne Koller

AI Revolution: Disruption, Alignment, and Opportunity

Steph Smith, Martin Casado, Mira Murati, Noam Shazeer, Dylan Field, David Baszucki, and Dario Amodei

AI Revolution: Top Lessons from OpenAI, Anthropic, CharacterAI, & More

Steph Smith, Martin Casado, Dario Amodei, Noam Shazeer, Mira Murati, and David Baszucki

Engineering Rapidly Reusable Rockets

Steph Smith, and Andy Lapsa

The Evolution of the Satellite Economy

Steph Smith, and John Gedmark

AI x Crypto

Sonal Chokshi, Dan Boneh, and Ali Yahya

Salary Transparency: Clarity or Chaos?

Steph Smith, Shannon Schiltz, and Brandon Cherry

A True Second Brain

Steph Smith, Nate Eliason, Dennis Xu, and Kevin Moody

Wartime vs Peacetime: Ben Horowitz on Leadership

Steph Smith, Ben Horowitz, and Jorge Conde

From Big Bang to James Webb: Exploring Space with Nobel Laureate John Mather

Steph Smith, and John Mather

Classroom 2050: Unleashing AI, XR, Gaming

Steph Smith, Anurupa Ganguly, Sal Khan, Allison Matthews, and Romy Drucker

The True Cost of Compute

Steph Smith, and Guido Appenzeller

Chasing Silicon: The Race for GPUs

Steph Smith, and Guido Appenzeller

AI Hardware, Explained

Steph Smith, and Guido Appenzeller

Growth vs Efficiency: Can You Have Both?

Steph Smith, Bryan Kim, Kieran Flanagan, and Gina Gotthilf

Curing the Trust Problem with Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban, and Vijay Pande

Inside the 2023 Talent Tsunami: Layoffs, Remote Work & More

Steph Smith, AJ Thomas, Rob Frohwein, and Hung Lee

The Road to Autonomous Vehicles: Are We There Yet?

Steph Smith, and Saswat Panigrahi

Network Effects, Moats, & the Business of web3

Sonal Chokshi, and Scott Kominers

AI Will Save The World with Marc Andreessen and Martin Casado

Martin Casado, and Marc Andreessen

The Hard Things About Scaling: Executive Hiring with Ben Horowitz and Ali Ghodsi

Ben Horowitz, and Ali Ghodsi

The Electrification of Everything: From Sky to Sea

Mitch Lee, Gregory Davis, Duncan McIntyre, and Steph Smith

The Future of Cheese

Vijay Pande, and Magi Richani

The Rise of the Exponential Organization

Steph Smith, Peter Diamandis, and Salim Ismail

How Fintech is Reshaping Our $4T Healthcare Industry

Chris Severn, Steph Smith, Florian Otto, Jade Chan, Andrew Adams, Jimmy Chen, and Fay Rotenberg

Embedding AI: The Questions Every CEO is Asking

Steph Smith, Zayd Enam, Barry McCardel, and Beyang Liu

When Two Giants Intersect: Healthcare Meets Fintech

Steph Smith, Julie Yoo, and David Haber

From Promise to Reality: Inside a16z's Data and AI Forum

Steph Smith, Myle Ott, Cody Austun, and Barry Mccardel

Beyond Avatars: How AI is Reshaping Online Identity

Steph Smith, Sinéad Bovell, and Danny Postma

Insights from the Frontlines of Consumer Tech

Connie Chan, Deb Liu, Chris Schroeder, Tracy Sun, Susan Plagemann, and Brian Wong

Marketing web3: Audience, Community, More

Sonal Chokshi, Kim Milosevich, and Amanda Cassatt

Building Hardware and Taking on the Phone Giants

Steph Smith, and Carl Pei

Digital Humans and the Story Behind Lil Miquela

Steph Smith, Trevor McFedries, and Isaac Bratzel

The Marketplace 100: A Glimpse Into the Future of Commerce

Olivia Moore, zach cohen, Connie Chan, and steph smith

The Art and Science of Podcasting

Steph Smith, Sriram Krishnan, and Aarthi Ramamurthy

Unlocking Creativity with Prompt Engineering

Steph Smith, and Guy Parsons

Rebooting the Arsenal of Democracy with Palmer Luckey

Steph Smith, and Palmer Luckey

The Robot Lawyer Resistance

Steph Smith, Joshua Browder, and consumer rights

The Challenge of Replicating Reality

Steph Smith, and Steve Zhao

The 1000x Developer

steph smith, and amjad masad

The State of Apps

steph smith, and olivia moore

Disrupting the World’s Largest Asset Class with Adam Neumann

Steph Smith, David Ulevitch, Marc Andreessen, and Adam Neumann

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