Leadership & Management


Info Diet: Peanut CEO Michelle Kennedy

Michelle Kennedy

The London-based entrepreneur gets her daily fix of venture news, reads up on motherhood narratives, and winds down with sleep stories.

Building Trust and Assessing Integrity as You Interview

Jeff Stump

a16z talent partner Jeff Stump shares his beliefs on the importance of trust and integrity, and how to determine whether job candidates have them.

How to Design (and Redesign) the Practices of Company Culture

Melissa Daimler

This book excerpt "ReCulturing" by Melissa Daimler shares mindsets for evolving the practices that shape a company culture, especially for communication.

Info Diet: Tandem CEO Rajiv Ayyangar

Rajiv Ayyangar

A seminal guide to interactive system design, all sorts of rock-climbing content, founder advice videos, and more.

How to Make Talent Scouts Work for You

Tyler Cowen and Daniel Gross

This excerpt from from Talent, by Tyler Cowen and Daniel Gross, focuses on how scouts can be useful for identifying talented entrepreneurs and employees.

Info Diet: Kajabi President Sean Kim

Sean Kim

The TikTok alum reads a Blind thread about the Twitter takeover, articles from his Korean American executives WhatsApp chat, and more.

Managing Your Mental Health While Running a Startup

Frederic Kerrest

Building and running a startup is exhausting. Okta co-founder Frederic Kerrest explains why all founders need to stay mentally, emotionally, and physically fit.

Info Diet: Modern Fertility CEO Afton Vechery

Afton Vechery

The health-tech founder chronicles the content she consumes to stay ahead of the curve, from fertility journals to fashion newsletters.

Info Diet: Replit CEO Amjad Masad

Amjad Masad

Here's what the tech founder reads, follows, watches, and listens to — in his own words.

Cloud Wars & Company Wars: Play Nice, But Win

Michael Dell, Marc Andreessen, Martin Casado, and Sonal Chokshi

How does a founder-CEO and company transform itself and adapt to tech shifts - from the so-called "demise of PC" and edge to the cost-of-cloud paradox and more?