1. Did We Overeat on Software?

    Andrej Safundzic
    Lumos CEO Andrej Safundizc explains why companies that use SaaS wisely have a competitive advantage over those that blindly consume it.
  2. Emerging Architectures for Modern Data Infrastructure

    Matt Bornstein, Jennifer Li, and Martin Casado
    Software systems are increasingly based on data, rather than code. A new class of tools and technologies have emerged to process data for both analytics and ML.
  3. Choosing Your North Star Metric

    Lenny Rachitsky
    How to decide the guiding metrics for every type of business, based on a survey of employees at over 40 of today's most successful growth-stage companies.
  4. The Marketplace 100: 2022

    Olivia Moore and Brandon Barros
    The Marketplace 100 ranks the largest consumer-facing marketplace startups and analyzes the trends behind the next generation of marketplace giants.
  5. Go-to-Market in Web3: New Mindsets, Tactics, Metrics

    Maggie Hsu
    Frameworks, tips, and tactics for the emerging ways to build communities, and how organizational structure and token economics determine the best GTM motions.
  6. Data50: The World’s Top 50 Data Startups

    Jennifer Li, Sarah Wang, and Jamie Sullivan
    The decade of data is here, as shown by bellwether startups across the most exciting categories, like AI/ML, ELT and orchestration, and data observability.
  7. Jason Fried on Why He Doesn't Do Planning or Politics at Work

    Jason Fried and Lauren Murrow
    The Basecamp and HEY founder discusses the power of short-term thinking, his framework for startup longevity, and the key thing he looks for when hiring remote.
  8. Why Web3 Matters

    Chris Dixon
    Web3 is the internet owned by builders and users, orchestrated with tokens
  9. Grow or Die: A Framework for Turning Your Company Around Fast

    Michael Mignano
    When your back's against the wall, you need a high stakes, focusing goal that instills a sense of urgency and clarity.
  10. Why Developers Are Building So Many Side Projects

    Ben Stokes
    From unleashing creativity to mitigating risk, Ben Stokes of Tiny Projects shares some of the main reasons why developers are building so many side projects.
  11. Peacetime CEO/Wartime CEO

    Ben Horowitz
    We compare and contrast the traits that leaders display during two periods every company will encounter, peacetime and wartime.