Ransomware, Cyber-Savviness, and the Public-Private Security Connection

Nitin Natarajan and Joel de la Garza

CISA deputy director Nitin Natarajan and a16z general partner Joel de la Garza discuss ransomware, cyber-savviness, and industry-government partnerships.

Why the Software Supply Chain Needs More Security

Kim Lewandowski and Derrick Harris

Chainguard's Kim Lewandowski explains why secure software supply chains are all the rage right now, and why open source is a double-edged security sword.

What Is Negative Engineering?

Jeremiah Lowin

Negative engineering is the time-consuming and sometimes frustrating work that engineers undertake to ensure the success of their primary objectives.

MongoDB CTO: Why On-Prem Software Is Still Big Business

Mark Porter and Derrick Harris

MongoDB CTO Mark Porter discusses working with cloud providers as frenemies, and building consumer services for Southeast Asia at Grab.

Rockets, Jets, and Chips: How to Modernize U.S. Manufacturing

Chris Power, Katherine Boyle, Marc Andreessen, and Packy McCormick

Hadrian CEO Chris Power, Marc Andreessen, and others discuss the state of aerospace and defense manufacturing, and the opportunities that lie in modernizing it.

Decentralization for Web3 Builders: Principles, Models, How

Miles Jennings

Practical models for builders on how to decentralize web3, from 'full' to 'open' decentralization (including IP), as well as NFTs and tokenization protocols

How Data Rights Stifle Innovation in the DoD (and How to Fix Them)

Babak Siavoshy

The Defense Department would benefit from a new category of data rights for software. The current approach is incompatible with modern software practices.

AlphaFold, GPT-3 and How to Augment Intelligence with AI (Pt. 2)

Niko Grupen

To truly augment human intelligence, we need to look beyond prompt-hacking and fine-tuning. Instead we need to design new workflows for powerful AI models.

AlphaFold, GPT-3 and How to Augment Intelligence with AI

Niko Grupen

Thanks to a set of new AI models, we have the tools to reimagine common workflows, processes and user experiences. Here are some ideas for how that might look.

A Decade of Deep Learning: How the AI Startup Experience Has Evolved

Richard Socher and Derrick Harris

Richard Socher discusses advances in NLP, and how the experience for AI startups has changed since the early days of deep learning.