Growth & Marketing


A Startup’s Guide to Launching College Ambassador Programs

Jacob Westphal

This 101 guide on college ambassador programs for consumer startup covers the what, why, and when, how to get started, incentive structures, metrics, and more.

To Start Building a Community, Master These Two Concepts

Amber Atherton

While many founders are eager to invest in community, they often don't know what they’ll need to know to build one the right way.

How to Drive Business Growth By Fostering Your Community

Patrick Woods

If the goal of go-to-market is value capture, the goal of go-to-community (GTC) is value creation that turns users into advocates. Here's where to focus.

Kickstarting Network Effects

Paul Davison, Alexis Ohanian, Andrew Chen, and Das Rush

Network effects can be found powering almost every major technology company, from messaging apps and workplace collaboration tools, like Slack and Zoom, to marketplaces, like Airbnb and Instacart to even the internet itself. In this po...

Beyond Metcalfe’s Law for Network Effects

Andrew Chen

Metcalfe’s Law persists today in discussions of network effects, yet is not enough for those in the industry who seek to create, scale, and compete using them.

Designing for, Marketing to, and Partnering with Gen Z

Tiffany Zhong and Connie Chan

Key differences between Gen Z and millennials, how to market without being "cringe," and how Gen Z is shifting the paradigm around money, luxury, and work.

How to Manage a PR Agency

Shannon (Stubo) Brayton, Margit Wennmachers, and Sonal Chokshi

This episode provides perspectives from both sides of the table (in-house vs. agency, big company vs. startup) for what it takes to manage PR agency relations.

When Organic Growth Goes Enterprise

Martin Casado, Andrew Chen, Russ Heddleston, and Hanne Winarsky

What exactly does bottoms up growth for enterprise look like? How does it affect company building overall?

The Basics of Growth, Engagement, and Retention

Andrew Chen, Jeff Jordan, and Sonal Chokshi

Once you have users, how do you keep them engaged, retain them, and even "resurrect" or re-engage them?

The Basics of Growth — User Acquisition

Sonal Chokshi, Andrew Chen, and Jeff Jordan

The basics of user acquisition growth: paid vs. organic marketing, the role of network effects, customer lifetime value (LTV), and more.