Crypto & Web3


Thinking Through CC0 and IP for NFT Communities

Chase Chapman, Nuzayra Haque-Shah, Austin Hurwitz, and Jeff Benson

A Slack chat to talk about CC0, commercial rights for NFTs, and the future of intellectual property in web3.

Unbundling Digital Identity Unlocks New Ways to Play and Build

Jon Radoff

Technologies such as avatars and digital wallets are unbundling our digital identities and rebundling them in new ways.

What’s After Proof of Stake for Ethereum?

Danny Ryan and Jeff Benson

Danny Ryan details the path forward for scalability and explains the possibility of stateless Ethereum, while sharing how the Merge will affect future upgrades.

What the Merge Means for Ethereum

Danny Ryan and Jeff Benson

The Ethereum Foundation's Danny Ryan discusses how the Merge will increase security and explains how proof of stake impacts developers.

Info Diet: a16z Crypto’s Elena Burger

Elena Burger

The a16z crypto deal partner dives down an AI rabbit hole, ponders web3 applications for streaming, and tracks the Ethereum Merge.

Mid-year Recap: Web3 and Science Collide

Future Editorial

The first half of 2022 saw momentum gains for a movement at the intersection of web3 and science: decentralized science (DeSci).

Crypto/Web3 So Far in 2022

Future Editorial

Seven pieces that cover some of the big ideas, movements, and research areas in crypto and web3 over the last several months.

7 Essential Ingredients of a Metaverse

Liz Harkavy, Eddy Lazzarin, and Arianna Simpson

A true metaverse can only happen with the open and decentralized foundation of web3 technologies.

Decentralization for Web3 Builders: Principles, Models, How

Miles Jennings

Practical models for builders on how to decentralize web3, from 'full' to 'open' decentralization (including IP), as well as NFTs and tokenization protocols

Can ‘Community Composability’ Help Web2 Users Make the Jump to Web3?

Jenny Wang and Michael Chiang

Does widespread web3 adoption hinge on simplifying the onboarding process? Not necessarily. Here's another idea to get the crypto-curious in the door.