Crypto & Web3


Why Creator Tokens Will Precede Community Tokens

Alex Masmej

What purists miss in their devotion to the collective is that all communities start with an individual. I believe creator tokens will be first to go mainstream.

“Fantasy Hollywood” — Crypto and Community-Owned Characters

Cuy Sheffield

How DAOs & NFTs enable communities to bring new characters, culture to world

Designing Internet-Native Economies: A Guide to Crypto Tokens

Patrick Rivera

Social apps, online communities, marketplaces, crypto protocols, more must understand the interplay between fungible & non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

Composability is Innovation

Linda Xie

So what does composability really mean for builders and developers?

How the Coming Privacy Layer Will Fix the Broken Web

Howard Wu

Crypto, the blockchain, and zero-knowledge proofs are enabling a class of web services that are more incentive-aligned with users.

The Creator Economy — NFTs and Beyond

Kevin Chou, Jesse Walden, and Chris Dixon

Old vs. new models and how creators of all kinds can now create new markets, engage with fans

NFT Canon

Sonal Chokshi, Chris Dixon, Denis Nazarov, Jesse Walden, and Linda Xie

A curated list of readings and resources, from applications in art, music, gaming, and social to how to mint & collect NFTs

All about NFTs

Jesse Walden, Linda Xie, and Sonal Chokshi

Cutting through the noise: what’s hype/ what’s real, common FAQs & myths

NFTs and a Thousand True Fans

Chris Dixon

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) offer fundamentally better economics for creators by removing rent-seeking, enabling granular pricing, and reducing customer acquisition costs.

Who Will Control the Software That Powers the Internet?

Chris Dixon

Control over important internet services has shifted from open source to proprietary services operated by big tech. As a result, people got access to technology, but that shift also created serious problems.