Our Cities Have an API Problem. Startups Can Fix It.

Zach Caceres

What if we evaluated America’s cities as technological systems? To really improve them, a new generation of startups must compete with them.

Remote Startups Will Win the War for Top Talent

Chris Herd

When 40 percent of workers are considering quitting, management that opts for empty arguments and handy-wavy phrases will bleed top talent to the competition.

Tech Fear-Mongering Isn’t New—But It’s Time to Break the Cycle

Jason Feifer

Hand-wringing over the latest New Thing isn't unique. In fact, it tends to follow a predictable, four-step cycle fueled by politicians, scientists, and media.

When to Expand Your Marketplace Business, According to 14 Operators

Justine Moore and John Koelliker

Takeaways from 30 successful marketplaces—including Uber, Airbnb, and Tinder—on when, where, and how to grow.

The Future of the a16z Podcast

Amelia Salyers

The long-running a16z Podcast is looking for a new host to lead the flagship show of the a16z podcast network into its next phase of growth.

The Best of the a16z Podcast, Now on Future

Sonal Chokshi

Today, we’re releasing transcripts from some of our most popular episodes of the a16z Podcast here on Future.com, our new media site exploring the technologies driving the future, as told by the people building it.

Future – What’s Next?

Future Editorial

Welcome to Future, a place to make sense of, well, the future as technology changes the way we work, live, and play.