Today, we’re excited to announce our search for the next host of the a16z Podcast. The new host will take ownership of one of the most successful tech podcasts of the last decade and lead the franchise into its next act, as the flagship show of the a16z podcast network.  

Since 2014, the a16z Podcast has been the go-to place for expert discussions about innovation and the future as technology changes everything from how we work to how we learn, heal, play, and connect with one another. What started as an experiment grew not only into one of the largest and longest-running technology podcasts but also one of the most influential, from being featured on best-of lists and media write-ups to individual episodes inspiring policymakers to propose legislation. 

While there are many reasons why the show has resonated with so many for so long, one of the most important is how it has consistently and carefully curated insights from the experts who are building the future right now, from top business leaders and entrepreneurs to leading industry and academic experts, book authors, and other emerging experts around the world. From tech trends to company building and how innovation happens, the show’s guests — guided by the host — help make sense of how we got here and where we could go next, based on their own hard-won expertise and experiences.        

More on the backstory of the show here, but throughout most of its run, a16z’s editor in chief Sonal Chokshi has been its most frequent host and longtime showrunner; over the last almost eight years, she edited, built, and grew the a16z Podcast and subsequent podcast network from the ground up. But as Sonal moves into a new role on the a16z Crypto team and will no longer host the show, the a16z Podcast is poised for the next phase of its own future.

The job description is here, but in short, we’re looking for a host who’s: 

  • passionate about tech and optimistic about the future;
  • fascinated by the intersection of tech and business, culture, science, policy, economics, and more — as well as the people and builders behind the ideas and movements; 
  • an experienced host and interviewer, who’s excited to build on an incredible foundation, engaging our current listeners and bringing in new ones. 

Even as a new host will evolve and refashion the a16z Podcast for its next act, the heart of the show will remain the same: the go-to place for understanding the future as all our lives change through tech, as told by the people of tech. If this mission calls to you, then please apply.