The Rise of Domain Experts in Deep Learning

Jeremy Howard and Derrick Harris

Jeremy Howard of discusses the impacts of deep learning and AI now being accessible to people without PhDs in those spaces.

When to Expand Your Marketplace Business, According to 14 Operators

Justine Moore and John Koelliker

Takeaways from 30 successful marketplaces—including Uber, Airbnb, and Tinder—on when, where, and how to grow.

Info Diet: a16z Crypto’s Elena Burger

Elena Burger

The a16z crypto deal partner dives down an AI rabbit hole, ponders web3 applications for streaming, and tracks the Ethereum Merge.

Sales Enablement: The Underrated Cog of Enterprise Commercial Engines

Vassilis Tziokas

Sales enablement — the use of people, processes, and tech to improve sales productivity — is key for a well-oiled, agile, and high-performing sales machine.

Mid-year Recap: Web3 and Science Collide

Future Editorial

The first half of 2022 saw momentum gains for a movement at the intersection of web3 and science: decentralized science (DeSci).

Crypto/Web3 So Far in 2022

Future Editorial

Seven pieces that cover some of the big ideas, movements, and research areas in crypto and web3 over the last several months.

The Year in AI So Far: Massive Models and How to Use Them

Future Editorial

A recap of artificial intelligence and machine learning coverage in Future so far in 2022, as well as the biggest advances in AI/ML research.

How Recommendation Algorithms Actually Work

Thomas Dimson

The author of Instagram's original ranking algorithm explains how social platforms pick content for users and why sharing more experiments could improve trust.

The Two Things We’ll Need for the Next AlphaFold

Daphne Koller and Nicole Neuman

Daphne Koller explains why some fail the academia-to-biotech transition and identifies what we'll need for AlphaFold-level successes across biology and biotech.

A Practical Guide to NFT Memberships for Creators

Peter Yang

Benefits and challenges of NFT memberships as a monetization channel, how creators are using them in practice, and more.