Can Synthetic Biology and Pond Scum Deliver Carbon-Neutral Manufacturing?

Nusqe Spanton and Nicole Neuman

A Q&A with Nusqe Spanton, founder and CEO of Provectus Algae.

Why the Software Supply Chain Needs More Security

Kim Lewandowski and Derrick Harris

Chainguard's Kim Lewandowski explains why secure software supply chains are all the rage right now, and why open source is a double-edged security sword.

Info Diet: Peanut CEO Michelle Kennedy

Michelle Kennedy

The London-based entrepreneur gets her daily fix of venture news, reads up on motherhood narratives, and winds down with sleep stories.

The Iron Man Model: How Startups and the Military Can Work Together

Jeff Decker

In order to create Iron Man-like innovations, defense tech startups must optimally engage the Pentagon instead of treating it as just another customer.

7 Techniques for Building Reliable AI Models

Beena Ammanath

As enterprises grow their AI footprints, they must pay attention to data quality and real-world conditions to ensure what works in the lab works in production.

How to Design (and Redesign) the Practices of Company Culture

Melissa Daimler

This book excerpt "ReCulturing" by Melissa Daimler shares mindsets for evolving the practices that shape a company culture, especially for communication.

What Is Negative Engineering?

Jeremiah Lowin

Negative engineering is the time-consuming and sometimes frustrating work that engineers undertake to ensure the success of their primary objectives.

A Startup’s Guide to Launching College Ambassador Programs

Jacob Westphal

This 101 guide on college ambassador programs for consumer startup covers the what, why, and when, how to get started, incentive structures, metrics, and more.

Hopper CEO on Super-App Ambitions and Becoming an Everything Startup

Frederic Lalonde and Theresa Fisher

A Q&A with founder Fred Lalonde on building for Gen Z, unbundling luxury travel, motivations for social behavior, and more.

Info Diet: Tandem CEO Rajiv Ayyangar

Rajiv Ayyangar

A seminal guide to interactive system design, all sorts of rock-climbing content, founder advice videos, and more.