Will the Metaverse Replace the Physical Office?

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21 Experts on the Future of Expertise

Lauren Murrow, Zoran Basich, and Sonal Chokshi
  • Lauren Murrow is an editor at Future. She oversees posts, podcasts, & special projects for a16z's consumer and fintech teams. Previously, she was a senior editor at WIRED, where she edited op-eds and features.

  • Zoran Basich is an editor at a16z & Future, focusing on crypto and corporate development/ finance. Previously he covered venture capital and the startup ecosystem at the Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones, and was the banking editor at NerdWallet.

  • Sonal Chokshi is the editor in chief as well as podcast network showrunner. Prior to joining a16z 2014 to build the editorial operation, Sonal was a senior editor at WIRED, and before that in content at Xerox PARC.