It’s that time of year again, where we share some of our most popular podcasts of the year. This is the year we also launched a NEW show, 16 Minutes — where we cover recent news headlines, the evergreen a16z Podcast way (and which you can subscribe to separately in your favorite podcast app) — as well as launched a special new series, Hustlin’ Tech (co-hosted by Ben Horowitz) that helps anyone use tech to help themselves.

And since it’s the end of a decade, be sure to also check out our 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, and 2014 roundups if you’re newer to the a16z Podcast and want to catch up on more evergreen classics from the last (half-)decade — as well as special episodes marking a decade of Andreessen Horowitz itself. Finally, this year, we finally shared some of the behind-the-scenes that goes into making the podcast… with no small thanks to our guests, editors (old and new!), and as always, *you*: our fans. Here’s to the next decade!

1. Entrepreneurs, Then and Now

    2. Inside Apple Software Design

      3.  Fintech for Startups and Incumbents

        4. So You Wanna Build a Software Company in Healthcare?

          5. For the Billions of Creatives Out There

            6. A Podcast About Podcasting

              7. Innovating in Bets

                8. Product-Market SALES Fit (What Comes First?)

                  9. What Times Is It? From Technical to Product to Sales CEO

                    10. The Environment, Capitalism, Technology

                      • Sonal Chokshi is the editor in chief as well as podcast network showrunner. Prior to joining a16z 2014 to build the editorial operation, Sonal was a senior editor at WIRED, and before that in content at Xerox PARC.