It never stops: Technology, and the people who make it. That’s what makes being in the thick of it so much fun.

We are lucky to have some of the smartest people coming through our doors to tell us what has them all fired up on the a16z Podcast. These are — just some! — of the most popular, most shared, favorite podcasts this year…


Ben and Marc on tech trends, 5 years into founding a16z

    When almost everyone has a computer in their pockets

      The secret sauce behind BuzzFeed

        Innovation between startups, VC, universities, and government

          The app that kids built: Documenting interactions with the police

            Going from zero to one: The ‘optimistic’ side of Peter Thiel

              What makes… great founders? Silicon Valley work? and more

                The ‘sharing economy’: When access trumps ownership

                  In Myanmar, it begins with mobile SIM cards not email addresses

                    What we can all learn from the latest sports performance science

                      The changing workplace: New tools for productivity

                        …and a bonus track: Full stack startups

                          • Sonal Chokshi is the editor in chief as well as podcast network showrunner. Prior to joining a16z 2014 to build the editorial operation, Sonal was a senior editor at WIRED, and before that in content at Xerox PARC.

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