Crypto & Web3


Blockchain Networks and the Human Factor: How to Know Whether They’re Accessible

Dieter Shirley and Benjamin Ebner

To successfully build consumer-scale crypto experiences, developers must think beyond throughput and latency. The question should be: Can you actually use it?

‘Play-to-Earn’ Gaming and How Work is Evolving in Web3

Arianna Simpson, Gabby Dizon, Jeffrey Zirlin, and Zoran Basich

An emerging model of gaming that provides real money for players is part of broader trends including web3, the future of work, and new types of networks.

Building and Running a DAO: Why Governance Matters

Tarun Chitra

Decentralized autonomous organizations only work if the community buys in. Here are the mindsets, tools, and incentives builders and participants need to know.

Crypto Security and the New Web3 Mindsets for Users

Eddy Lazzarin and Zoran Basich

More people have entered crypto lately. Here are the best practices and options for securing it, and how it all fits this next evolution of the internet: web3.

Tokens: A New Digital Primitive

Chris Dixon

Money, art, and collectibles are great first applications for web3. But just as in previous eras, the new internet will be organized in unexpected ways.

Why Web3 Matters

Chris Dixon

Web3 is the internet owned by builders and users, orchestrated with tokens

A Novel Framework for Reputation-Based Systems

Jad Esber and Scott Kominers

Web3 projects should be designed around two tokens—one for signaling reputation, the other for offering liquidity—which would represent people's contributions.

Stablecoins, Stability, and Financial Inclusion

Katie Haun, Tomicah Tillemann, and James Rathmell

One-size-fits-all regulation keeps us from taking advantage of technology and curtailing its risks. Now is the time to get the right framework in place.

Minimum Viable Participation in Crypto: Games, Costs, & Accessibility

Elena Burger

As more people arrive to web3, there should be even more diverse ways to participate, with crypto wallets being the only barrier to entry.

Decentralized Finance: What It Is, Why It Matters

Marvin Ammori

Features and benefits, challenges ahead, and the road to mainstream acceptance and adoption