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We’re always in the market for new authors with authoritative knowledge, strong points of view, and great ideas. To pitch an article, read these guidelines and fill out the form at the bottom. 

Pitch guidelines

Things to keep in mind

  • We’re pro-technology, and we prefer constructive takes over takedowns.
  • We don’t publish promotional content.
  • We only discuss news events within the context of larger tech trends. 

Who the Future audience is

  • People in tech looking for insights on their industry from experienced, forward-thinking insiders.
  • Leaders and decision-makers trying to understand how new technology will affect policy, business, and the world at large.
  • Tech-curious readers wishing to learn more about the technologies shaping their lives.

Who Future writers are

  • Most articles are written by subject-matter experts, ranging from world-class authorities to people with ample experience in their given fields and interesting, well-considered ideas. 
  • We have a strong affinity for builders. Founder, project creators, research scientists, seasoned executives – anyone with skin in the game.

Things we’re always looking for

Topics we’re especially interested in right now

  • Company-building articles with a “service” angle. We’d like to see builders mine their own experiences and distill what they’ve learned into actionable advice.
  • An original argument about the rise of new organizations rethinking how science funding works  
  • A sharp take on casual “appointment” gaming (e.g., Wordle, HQ Trivia) in the web3 era
  • A sexy explainer about taxes and digital nomads

One more thing

We’re staunchly pro-creator! We pay competitive rates, license content (rather than buy it), and promote all articles on both Future and a16z social feeds. 

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