Capital & Fundraising


The Iron Man Model: How Startups and the Military Can Work Together

Jeff Decker

In order to create Iron Man-like innovations, defense tech startups must optimally engage the Pentagon instead of treating it as just another customer.

M&A, Before and After: What Founders Need to Know

Martin Casado, Blake Kim, and Zoran Basich

Frameworks for understanding all the dynamics, including the effect of “kingmaking” and the difference between "selling your company" and "getting acquired."

Rethinking Equity Compensation: From Lottery Ticket to Financial Wedge

Niya Dragova

Smart equity management strategies for employees with RSUs or stock options, a future-forward vision for companies, and a wish-list for builders.

Speculation is Necessary. Governments Can Help.

Jamie Catherwood

Instead of trying to eradicate speculative manias, we should channel investors’ innate affinity for speculation into productive ventures.

The New Market Momentum: Reading the Technical Indicators

Katie Stockton

Given the emergence of new forms of unpredictability, mathematical indicators that can isolate breakouts and trend shifts are crucial.

The Curious Case of the OpenTable IPO

J.D. Moriarty, Jeff Jordan, and Sonal Chokshi

We delve into the lessons learned and go behind the scenes of the OpenTable IPO with then-CEO Jeff Jordan and then-banker on the deal, J.D. Moriarty.

Startups as Science Experiments — Can VC Disrupt Academia, and Vice Versa?

Marc Andreessen and Vijay Pande

What's the future of peer-to-peer collaborations and startups-as-"science experiments"? Can venture capital disrupt academia… and vice versa?