Tech Fear-Mongering Isn’t New—But It’s Time to Break the Cycle

Jason Feifer

Hand-wringing over the latest New Thing isn't unique. In fact, it tends to follow a predictable, four-step cycle fueled by politicians, scientists, and media.

Unbundling Digital Identity Unlocks New Ways to Play and Build

Jon Radoff

Technologies such as avatars and digital wallets are unbundling our digital identities and rebundling them in new ways.

How Headless Commerce Will Change How and Where We Buy

Dirk Hoerig and Derrick Harris

Commercetools CEO Dirk Hoerig explains headless commerce and microservices, and why we'll see innovation in AR, in-car, and B2B commerce.

Why Developers Are Building So Many Side Projects

Ben Stokes

From unleashing creativity to mitigating risk, Ben Stokes of Tiny Projects shares some of the main reasons why developers are building so many side projects.

AI’s Next Frontier: Brains on Demand

Patrick Mineault

AI-created models of the brain are emerging that have applications in art, advertising, and health. Adoption of AR and BCI will further enhance model utility.

How AI Copywriters Are Changing SEO

Chris Tweten

How do AI copywriters stack up to human writers? How are GPT-3-enabled AI writing tools affecting SEO? And how can you use these AI tools to your advantage?

PlanetScale CEO on Cloud-Prem and Climbing the Engineering Ladder

Sam Lambert and Derrick Harris

Sam Lambert is CEO of PlanetScale, a MySQL-compatiable serverless database provider. Prior to joining PlanetScale (then as chief product officer), he was VP of engineering at GitHub.

What’s After Proof of Stake for Ethereum?

Danny Ryan and Jeff Benson

Danny Ryan details the path forward for scalability and explains the possibility of stateless Ethereum, while sharing how the Merge will affect future upgrades.

What the Merge Means for Ethereum

Danny Ryan and Jeff Benson

The Ethereum Foundation's Danny Ryan discusses how the Merge will increase security and explains how proof of stake impacts developers.

Cilium, Service Meshes, and the Future of Enterprise Networking

Thomas Graf and Derrick Harris

Isovalent co-founder and Cilium creator Thomas Graf discusses the state of cloud native networking and where the future of enterprise Kubernetes lies.